Uses for Akwamasta®

AKWAMASTA’s® applications are varied and extensive and include uses for DIYers, small builders, landscape gardeners, specialist contractors, architects, surveyors and insurance loss adjusters. Take a look at some common applications below:

We are also regularly hearing from enthusiastic users about their own discoveries of new uses for the AKWAMASTA.

Survey, excavation, groundwork and foundations

  • Calculating the cross fall of a site for building purposes
  • Setting out pegs/pins for foundation concrete and footings, either level or staircasing, in step foundations
  • All types of shuttering work
  • Levelling out very accurately the substructure at DPC level
  • Pipe Laying
  • Checking or setting falls between man-holes
  • Tarmac and setting falls in driveways, paths etc.

Load-bearing structure, joists and subfloor

  • RSJs
  • Floor Screeds and all floor construction in any material
  • Checking brickwork – particularly face work
  • All types of shuttering work
  • First floor joists – gauged first floor joists leveleed and lined accurately give good level floors and ceilings below
  • Wall plates and ceiling joists – giving level ceilings, particularly when trussed rafters are used
  • Measuring the total rise of an existing stair to make a new stair, where the structure prevents measuring directly vertically
  • Levelling steel structures

Windows and doors, second fix and tiling

  • Door and window frames
  • Wall tile courses -find the lowest corner quickly and easily
  • Second fix items, particularly skirtings

Home Improvements and Maintenance

  • Kitchen Units
  • Paving and patio laying
  • Railings and more

False Ceiling Fitting

Access Floor Fitting

Machinery Installation

Installing  all kinds of machinery where precise levelling is vital, including four poster lifts in MOT bays and more

Shop Fitting

Lawns and Bowling Greens

Achieve perfect level, improve drainage and avoid water-logging

Boat and Ship Building

  • Laying the keel
  • Stanchion bases
  • Painting lettering and more