The Akwamasta® is completely versatile, meeting every levelling challenge. It’s capable of comparing levels up to 30 metres apart and works around, over and under obstructions. Simple and quick to use by just one person – if you can read a ruler you can read an Akwamasta

Why Akwamasta?

Only one person to do the job

Simple, one-man operation means you can tackle a huge range of levelling jobs that usually require two operatives.

Completely Versatile

The AKAKWAMASTA is completely versatile, meeting all kinds of levelling challenges from simple home improvements to construction and engineering.

Simple and quick to use

Take fast accurate readings in the time it takes to set up optical levels. Easy to use by any skilled or unskilled person after simple instruction. If you can read a rule you can read an AKWAMASTA .

Compare levels up to 30 metres apart

From concreting pins in a foundation trench to the cross fall of a field – take fast, accurate measures when you need them and avoid surveyor costs.

Works around, over & under obstructions

With no line of sight needed, you can work ‘blind’ around walls, furniture and anything else that would obscure an optical or laser level. Ideal for blind, room-to-room measurements, small spaces and for checking gradients over long distances.

100% percent accuracy

The AKWAMASTA provides 100% accuracy when levelling, with a less than 4mm error when directly reading a fall of 1m.

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