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I can vouch for Akwamasta. It’s a great tool for measuring floors. The accuracy, ease of use and speed of measurement is ideal. Especially not needing line of sight, you can go quickly round a furnished room taking floor level measurement accurate to 1mm. Laser levels take much more time to measure and require more care to be accurate. I was searching for a water level for a while, and was lucky to see a colleague using an Akwamasta.

Surveyor, Persimmon Homes Blog

A good water level for a multitude of purposes, well worth having in your tool kit.

Professional Builder Magazine

For those wanting to measure floor levels my first choice is a pro level water level, of which Akwamasta is the best I have found available in the UK. A product from the US was many times more expensive.

New homes customer

We have used your Akwamasta for many years and have found them second to none.

Specialist ceiling tile contractors, Swansea

We were able to use your water levels on a contract and were most impressed and now wish to purchase.

Ceramic wall and floor tilers, Dagenham

We have used your Akwamasta for several years and have found them most reliable and accurate.

Specialist plastering Contractor, Plymouth

We have been using your water level for large fabrications and plant installation, we are satisfied with the accuracy and reliability of your instrument.

Specialist engineering contractor, Burton-upon-Trent

If you suspect you have unlevel floors you can use various devices to check and measure the levels, height variation, rises and slopes. Laser mean getting down to floor and using line of sight, you can also use a spirit level. However the best device by far is a water level. These are quick, very accurate and importantly do not need line of sight to measure and are able to measure in and around small spaces without disturbing furniture etc. The best source in the UK is Akwamasta Water Level. This is an excellent product which makes measuring your floor levels very quick and easy. Indeed it’s the same device you can find NHBC engineers using to measure unlevel floors in new homes.

Tony, Persimmon Homes Blog